Reach truck in a temperature controlled environment

Temperaturno kontrolisana okruženja

Jedno od najsloženijih radnih okruženja jesu zasigurno hladnjače. Ne samo da temperature ispod nule utiču na kapacitet baterije, električne delove, operatere, nego trebate da mislite i o iskorišćenosti prostora. Rad u hladnim prostorima (sobne temperature do 0°C) ili ispod 0 °C, zahteva "lean" efikasna rešenja, kako bi se minimizirala neiskorišćenost prostora, resursa i vremena, dok se u isto vreme osigurava pouzdanost u ovim zahtevnim okruženjima. Mi imamo dugogodišnje iskustvo vezano za operacije u hladnjačama, nudeći kao standard rešenja za rad u hladnjačama za kompletan asortiman vozila.

Dedicated cold store trucks for maximum uptime

For temperatures down to -30°C

Our complete truck range is designed to work effectively down to 0°C without modification. However, for temperatures down to -30°C most trucks will need to be adapted with specific features such as cold store oil, anti-slip platforms, heated batteries or can be equipped with a dedicated cold store cabin for more comfort and productivity like on our reach trucks.

Dedicated cold store specifications & add-ons for each model

Toyota's hand pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks and Very-Narrow-Aisle trucks (VNA), as well as counterbalanced trucks can be fully engineered for cold store use. Some trucks require little modification, for example, Toyota BT Levio pallet trucks and BT Staxio stacker trucks simply need low-temperature hydraulic oil – in all other respects they are pre-engineered for cold stores with fully sealed components. All cold store machines are clearly defined by the snowflake symbol. This helps drive down costs by reducing the risk of trucks being incorrectly used. Service contract are tailored to your needs.

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